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Become a Union Pipefitter and We Promise to Invest in Your Future

Power plants, waste water and water treatment plants, office buildings, medical facilities, and factories all have complex high- and low-pressure piping systems that require highly trained technicians called pipefitters to install and repair.

As a pipefitter you will work with all types of pipes and related materials - power piping, pneumatic piping, hydraulic piping, hot water and steam heating systems, refrigeration and air conditioning systems and temperature control equipment. You'll have the opportunity to advance your career through UA continuing education programs and be able to specialize in:

  • - Commercial/Industrial Instrumentation and Maintenance
  • - Commercial Construction
  • - Ammonia Piping
  • - Gas/Air/Water/Industrial Piping
  • - High Purity Piping
  • - Hydronic Heating
  • - Hydraulic Piping and Systems
  • - Lab and Clean Room Work
  • - Medical Gas Systems
  • - Pipe Fabrication
  • - Power & Steam Piping
  • - Vacuum Piping and Systems
  • - Valve and Pump Installation and Repair
  • - X-Ray Quality Welding
  • - Pipeline

As a UA pipefitter, you become part of an elite workforce - a workforce that promises to be the safest, most productive and highly trained in the industry. And, we can back up those promises with proof!