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Our Actions and Goals

The Illinois Pipe Trades Association Advancement Promotion, IPTAPP, is a market-share recovery program for the Illinois Pipe Trades.

By developing a three-tier market share recovery program through organizing, marketing and legislative channels, IPTAPP works to:

  • - increase job opportunities for current, and new, members and contractors
  • - raise the standard for safety and training in the piping industry - ensuring a superior work product for end-users and the general public
  • - provide the opportunity for workers to gain a voice in their workplace and earn higher wages and benefits and provide a highly-trained, skilled, safe, drug-free workforce for contractors and end-users

Executive Director Lynn Karner
Legislative and Political Director Rick Terven Jr.

Executive Board 2017
President: Charles Bailey
Financial Secretary/Treasurer- Chris Hernandez

Board Members:
  • 1st Vice President: John Haines
  • 2nd Vice President: Jim Coyne
  • 3rd Vice President: Tom McCune
  • 4th Vice President: Dennis Fleming
  • 5th Vice President: Pat Hardesty
  • 6th Vice President: Rick Beck
  • 7th Vice President: Evan Wooding
  • 8th Vice President: Eric Perkins
  • Sargent of Arms: Rob Schnicker