We fight hard each and every day to ensure that the collective voices of our members are heard in Springfield, and pursure fairness, decency and economic opportunity.


The IPTA actively supports our locals and the vital training provided to members. We take great pride in assisting with the preparation and advacement of union workers.


Union benefits are the foundation of what healthy, lasting and fair employment is all about. Workers deserve the best for hard work and your local stands ready to help.

About the Illinois Pipe Trades Association

The Illinois Pipe Trades Association is a collaboration of 19 Local Unions and 1500 Union contractors in Illinois as well as parts of Iowa and Indiana.

This workforce is part of the national United Association (UA) and performs these types of work: Plumbing, Pipefitting, Sprinklerfitting, Welding, Heating/Ventilation Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (HVACR), Service Work and other related services.

The IPTA works to foster job creation, support training at our Locals and pursues sensible legislation.